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How To Create a Space That Feeds Your Lifestyle

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

What do you love? What are you excited to do everyday? If these questions are tough, do you have a space where you feel most inspired? If so, does your space reflect what you love? Inspired spaces spike up your creativity, which also affects productivity and motivation and can help you feed your lifestyle. Start by making a few small changes and you’ll soon see results.

Maybe you love to cook or serve food to loved ones, you may find yourself most inspired in the kitchen or dining room. Elevate your space here by adding sufficient lighting that is adjustable to your mood. Keep a playlist going of your favorite tunes that make you feel like you can do everything. Use colors that invoke optimism and happiness.

Add Nature. Gathering spaces can be a place where we debrief from the day, share stressful events from the day or things we've read

in the news. Nature does wonders for the mood, by adding flowers and plants to the dining room, they can trigger the "happy hormone" allowing space for more positive thoughts. Houseplants help clear the air, and decrease stress levels.

Additionally, consider using warm tones in your dining room to evoke lively conversation and upbeat spirits.

Dining rooms often serve as a multifunctional room. For everyday use, the dining room is used for casual, laid-back dining. During the day the room may serve as your workspace or art studio.

For a successful flex space you will need ample storage and shelving

to help you organize room items keeping the "mess" at bay as you switch between daily use and entertaining. You can get creative with your shelves and do hanging baskets, floating shelves, or go eclectic and tailor it to your unique style.

I hope this has helped to spark some ideas on how you can integrate everyday tools into your life to create a space you love. If you love your space, your life can truly flourish.

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