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Love is in the Air in Denver Colorado! Ways to give your home extra love.

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

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As we prepare to show our significant other, family and friends just how much we care — don’t forget to show your home some extra attention this month, too! Share the love with these simple yet effective ways to show your home you care. And in return, you’ll love living in a cleaner and happier home!

❤️ Deep Clean. Take an afternoon to dust your fan blades, wipe off your blinds and window sills, clean hard-to-reach places behind furniture and appliances, and properly sweep, vacuum and mop your floors.

❤️ Patch up nail holes and remove scratches. Patch old nail holes on your wall left over from holiday decor or paintings you have since removed or relocated. And while you’re at it, take some time to wipe away fingerprints or buff out any scratches on your walls.

❤️ Have your HVAC checked.  A healthy HVAC makes for a happy home. To ensure your air conditioning is working properly, it is recommended to get your HVAC inspected by a professional before temperatures begin to rise. Check-up appointments fill up quickly during the spring, so it’s best to start planning early!

❤️ Give your closets and drawers some love. Spend some time decluttering your belongings as we enter a new season. Not sure where to start? Remove any unwanted or worn clothing from your closets and drawers, and consider donating or selling any pieces you no longer wear. 

❤️ Freshen up your home with fresh flowers and houseplants. Your valentine isn’t the only one who deserves a bouquet of flowers! Beautify your nightstand, bookshelf or dining room table with a bouquet of colorful flowers or a new houseplant. This is an easy way to brighten up your home and bring the outdoors in.

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