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Things to Do in Colorado Before Summer Ends

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Aahh — sweet, sweet summer. As quickly as it arrives, it seems to depart, so let’s take advantage of the warmer temperatures and longer days while we still can!

There are several ways to maximize the rest of the season before we have to trade frozen treats for pumpkin lattes and t-shirts for hoodies. See how many of these activities you can check off your list before summer is over!

Things to do:

  • Make your own frozen treats

  • Float down a river

  • Host an outdoor movie night

  • Visit a national or state park

  • Go on a camping trip

  • Attend an outdoor concert

  • Have fun at a festival

  • Splash at a water park

  • Shop at a farmers’ market

  • Enjoy a picnic

  • Host a backyard barbecue

  • Watch the sunrise

  • Try a new hiking trail

  • Take a nap in a hammock

  • Pick your own fruit

Homeowner Summer months TIP:

August is the hottest month of the year for many states across the country — with some places even reaching triple digits on a consistent basis! Beat the heat with these tried-and-true tips for staying cool at home, including both practical advice and some more fun ideas involving frozen treats and inflatable pools.

  • Keep interior doors open and adjust vents so air can flow freely through your home. This eliminates hot spots and regulates the overall temperature.

  • Use the grill, to keep hot air out of your home as much as possible. This is an excellent excuse for more backyard grill outs!

  • Stay hydrated by drinking water and eating more fresh, ripe fruit all day long.

  • Reverse the direction of your ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise so they pull warm air up and push cool air down.

  • Apply a cold, wet washcloth to soothe your skin on those sweltering days. Place it in the fridge or freezer to re-cool it throughout the day.

  • Set up an inflatable pool in the backyard to let the little ones splash around in — or the adults dip their legs in. No one is too old for an inflatable pool!

  • Place a bowl of ice in front of a fan to create your very own miniature A/C system. As the ice melts, the fan will blow cooler air.

  • Refrigerate or freeze your bed sheets 30 minutes before bed to stay cool at night. Take the comforter off the bed and replace it with a lighter-weight blanket (or skip the blanket altogether).

  • Head to a local ice cream shop and grab a scoop of your favorite flavor. Or make your own frozen treat with fresh juice and whole fruits.

  • Open windows at night to allow cooler air to enter as long as it dips down to a reasonable temperature! If not, keep the windows closed.

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