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We Decided To Jump...

Updated: Mar 6

Have we landed yet?

5 years. That's how long it took for us to manifest our move west.

Manifesting a total life change, a change that would kick us right out of our daily routines into a time of transition, growth, and transformation.

We were so cozy in our life with just a dream that one day, we would actually make a big move.

It is a scary thought: jumping out of the Comfort Zone. A warm place free of worry and anxiety.. why leave? Because that place really doesn't exist. Comfort zones are merely constructs of a sluggish mind where fear thrives. To grow, to overcome fear and obstacles, lead us to challenge our abilities, our doubts, and start living our life with intention. We needed life to give us a little kick in @ss.

Anyway, about that zone: we thought we had it. Living day to day so comfortable with our current

lifestyle. Then the universe bumped us into high gear: From one income & a fourth and fifth baby, my precious grand baby Lux, sending one (and then two) off to college, throw in a job loss (blessing in disguise), & launching a career in real estate, our family had experienced it all. By definition we were being tested.

Did we want to raise our littles ("round 2") from the same mindset as our "round 1"?

Believe it; this wonderful synchronicity of challenging events is kind of what sparked our dream into reality.

We saw a window of opportunity and seized it. We knew we had to change it up! We lofted ourselves from our old routines and landed into a new to us city, house, & surroundings. We've created fresh routines that we love: jobs, the real estate business, and schools for the kids. We're touring yoga studios and bike trails (galore!), trying restaurants, meeting many different people, and exploring our beautiful state. It's not easy to uproot and basically start from scratch; but it's worth it. What we really discovered was our love for changing it up, and living & experiencing life in a different way.

I started Lux Mountain Life after moving to Colorado, with the goal of inspiring others in a way that’s both fun and meaningful. And I'd love to connect with others who like my family and me, maybe have a round 2? :) or have relocated (or want to!) and are embracing the new set of challenges that go along with relocating.

My hope is that this page can help make your next adventure, whether it be a just a thought or perhaps something more extreme like a move, vacation, or day trip, be the best experience yet.

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