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Guanella Pass & Mount Bierstadt Scenic Byway and Georgetown

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Looking for a day drive to introduce you to the Rocky mountains? Or want to take the long way home after a morning of fishing at Davis Ponds in Staunton State Park? From the town of Grant along U.S. Hwy. 285, is Guanella Pass Road. This paved road starts in Pike National Forest & leads you over 11,669-foot Guanella Pass with its spectacular views of Mount Evans and Mount Bierstadt, crosses into Arapahoe National Forest, and ends in historic railroad town of Georgetown.

In 22 short miles, you'll capture the entire ecosystem of the Rockies; from bighorn sheep to changing aspens. Its breathtaking views are worth the hour long trip it takes from start to end. Best times to go are Sept-Oct when the aspens are in full Fall mode.

There are plenty of optional stops along the way!

Biking: bike the pass!

Camping: There are two campgrounds in Arapaho National Forest and two in Pike National Forest:


Hiking: There are 3 main trails along Guanella Pass

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