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The Ultimate Buyer's Checklist

When buying a home, there are many deadlines and contingencies to your contract. It is important to refer to your contract and agent to navigate through the process to closing. Please use this checklist as a resource. 

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The Ultimate Buyer's Checklist

There are so many things that need to happen to make your dream home purchase come true:

Early-Phase  Checklist

☐ Do you need to sell a home before buying? 

☐ Review agents buyers guide.

☐ Have you been pre-approved? Send a copy of the pre-approval to agent.

☐ Secure agency representation.

House Hunt Checklist 

☐ Gather a list of your must have's and give to your agent to create search criteria. 

☐ Take notes on your home tours to keep track of the highlights in each home you walk through.

 Making an Offer 

☐ You found the one! 

☐ Review the quick CMA sent by agent to ensure fair and competitive offer. 

☐ Review and sign offer documents.

☐ Prepare earnest money via wire instructions or dropping off check.

Contract-to-Close Checklist:

☐ Deposit earnest money. 

☐ Schedule the home inspection(s). 

☐ Order any surveys if needed. 

☐ Cooperate with your lender to complete application and order appraisal. 

☐ Review title commitment. 

☐ Confirm the status of the loan funding. 

☐ Review the inspection and resolve defects.  

☐ Arrange and open a homeowners insurance policy on the home. 

☐ Review due diligence documents.

☐ Conduct final walkthrough. 

☐ Transfer utilities to the new home. 

☐ Confirm clear-to-close with the lender.

☐ Review final settlement statement.

☐ Wire necessary funds, bring ID & attend closing to sign closing documents.

☐ Receive the keys to your new home!

Post-Close   Checklist 

☐ Confirm you have received any and all contract documents from the transaction.

☐ Complete online review of your agents service and performance.

☐ Confirm you have received all closing documents from title company.

☐ Ask your agent if you have any questions.

☐ Refer your agent to your friends.

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